Community Manager

We have appointed a Community Manager who will be the first point of call for residents and who will be responding to contacts through this website.

Her name is Jackie Sear and she is available by email on or by phone 07957187494. Jackie's role is to ensure that we meet the Community Charter and includes:

  • overseeing the fair and transparent distribution of the tickets and resident passes, 

  • liaising and working with residents to seek solutions and resolve issues caused by the festival,

  • being on call and available on festival days,

  • distributing funding for community benefit fairly and transparently.

Please note this is a part time role held between April -Sept 2019.

Funding for Community Benefit

There is funding available that is donated by the Festivals to support community projects. 

Jackie will be consulting residents on the best use of this money to ensure it has the most impact in Ealing and Hounslow. If you would like to be involved in this process please contact her.